Keep It Simple, You'll Book More Parties!

By Harold Herrin posted June 20, 2017

With more that four decades in the skating rink industry, we have learned one thing for sure. The simpler the better. The more complex you make any task, the more likely the user is to abandon or give up completing it. This holds true to online party booking. If you make your online booking process confusing and complex, you will lose some party bookings  RinkWare Online Party Booking was designed to make the online booking process as easy as possible for the customer. We coined a phrase "The rule of Three". Basically the booking process can be broken down in three basic steps: Selecting a date and time for the party, selecting a party type and package, and checkout.

The first use of the rule of three, can applied to allowing your customer to filter the type of party they want to have. Basically parties can be lumped into one of three categories::

Public Parties - parties that are available during a skate session that is open to the public.

Semi-Private Parties - parties that held when the rink is closed to the general public but the timeslot may be shared by one or more groups.

Private Parties - parties that held when the rink is closed to the public and use of the facility is exclusively limited to the group booking the party.

Organizing your party packages into the above three categories and allowing your customer to filter by this option makes it easier for your customer to find the party that is right for them.

When it comes to party packages in a category, we recommend our customers apply the rule of three here too. Our research has proven that rinks with three or less party package offerings have a lower abandonment or drop off rate this point in the booking process. Often a two or three party packages will suffice. Whether it be a basic or deluxe package, silver or gold package, basic or pizza party, or whatever you name your packages, giving two or three options should be the maximum the customer should have to decide from . Each of your packages should be pretty unique with the higher end packages offering some distinct advantage making them more desirable. Avoid differentiating your packages by the number of skaters. Set a basic number of included skaters, such as ten, with a charge for each additional skater. You don't have to have party package for each available upgrade such as pizza or party favors. You can do that latter in booking process with party upgrade options.

We have found that offering party upgrades, such as glow sticks, pizza, or party favors later in the booking process actually results in a average increase in the party price of 26% over the base price. When offer upgrade items we recommend that you again stick to the rule of three. For each upgrade option, limit the choices to no more than three options. For example, for pizza options, stick to cheese or pepperoni.. Keep the choices simple so the customer can select the item and move on to the next upgrade and make a selection or move on to the check out page. The whole idea is make the process simple, easy, and convenient.