“We have experienced great feedback from our customers about the user friendly online reservation process and the convenience of being able to make their party reservation on their schedule. RinkWare is an easy-to-use system and has streamlined the way we book our walk-in and over-the-phone customers as well.”

“We love the fact that we are in full control of our website and can instantly and easily make changes. The integration between the website manager and online booking is fantastic. Our parties are booked to capacity almost every session. We are excited to see what the next generation of RinkWare is going to bring..”

“We were looking for an online booking solution and tested RinkWare at one of our locations. It was so easy to set up and we were ready to book almost instantly. Our  customers really love it. Booking and managing our parties was never this easy! We love it and have expanded to use RinkWare at all four of our locations.”

“We needed a solution for our websites. It took too long to get our "web guy" to get information posted. With RinkWare, we can login and make changes instantly! We use RinkWare for both of our locations and since we changed we have had some of our busiest weekends ever!”

“RinkWare is great! The online booking system with exceptional customer service is a must-have for every skating rink.”

“We use RinkWare's website manager and hosting.  What we love is the fact that we are in full control of our website and the fact that we can make changes to promote special events on the fly."