Let us build your rink a custom mobile app based on your brand image! Send push notifications about special events , create loyalty and rewards programs, offer pay and pre-pay with app for admissions, concessions, and a lot more!

RinkWare Mobile Apps

Notifications - Get the Word Out!

Send your customers push notifications informing them about special events such as theme nights, blackout skate nights, and more! Did you add a new feature like laser tag, or are you running a special?-Tell them!.

Loyalty Programs + Rewards  = More Sales

Everyone has an mobile app and your rink should have one too! Get a new custom mobile app for your rink to create customer loyalty and rewards programs to encourage repeat business and increased sales!

Preload & Pay With App

Give your customers the option to pay with your new mobile app. Customers will be able to preload money, manage their balance and make payments for admissions, concessions, and more with the app.. .